Laptop purchase

  herc182 09:09 04 Mar 2004

Dear all,

my friend wants to buy a laptop from PC world. in my opinion this is a disaster. I have offered to find one on the internet for the same price and probably better specs.
price limit is £1000. any ideas what the best websites are?
have had a look at dell outlet, but they seem to have changed the website and is not as userfriendly as it used to be. evesham too expensive (as is mesh). any other companies/websites i could try?

You will stop someone making a fatal mistake in purchasing from the world of pc's (pcworld!)


  herc182 09:13 04 Mar 2004

sorry forgot to mention, that ideally he is looking for 64mb graphics, 512mb RAM and about 30gb hdd. centrino seems to be more expensive but if it can be integrated into that price...great!

any ideas?


  Diodorus Siculus 09:15 04 Mar 2004

I tend to agree that PCWorld shops are expensive on the notebook side of things; their website has some better offers.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:17 04 Mar 2004

You cannot seem to get both seperate graphics, and centrino in one - it will be one or the other as far as I can see.

  herc182 09:19 04 Mar 2004

right, so graphics are integrated with a centrino notebook then? is that why there is less drain on the battery life?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:29 04 Mar 2004

Yes, one of the reasons.

Another is that the chip does not run as fast so needs less in the way of cooling fans.

  LANDCRUISER 15:56 04 Mar 2004

Try QVC UK.COM really good site 30 days money back guaratee if you do not like it for any reason also software CAN BE RETURNED

  LastChip 16:23 04 Mar 2004

Under £1000 including VAT. click here

  Diodorus Siculus 16:26 04 Mar 2004

Register with simply before the 21st of March and get 10% off your purchase. You will be able to get a better machine for the same money.

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