Laptop to Projector USB connection not working

  Axii9 21:15 08 Jun 2004

I just bought a USB cable to connect from my laptop to my projector but it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

The reason I am trying to connect via USB is because there is only one VGA connection port in my laptop and I wanted to connect both a smartboard and the projector.

  mrdsgs 21:43 08 Jun 2004

smartbopard should connect to laptop by serial port not vga port.

vga port on laptop connects to projector. there will then be a key combination on your laptop to have just laptop display, just projector display or both. (it is usually one of the "F" (Function) keys. You may need to push buttons on your projector to select vga input. and make sure you connect to "VGA in" on the projector.

Usually the only benefit of the usb connection between laptop and projector is to enable a wireless/RF mouse or remote control that may be supplied with the projector to control the laptop mouse function.


  Fruit Bat 21:48 08 Jun 2004

What type of laptop? /projector?

Would be very suprised to beable to project creen data without vga connected, I use a variety of projectors Epsom / Toshiba / HP/ Panasonic in my job training engineers. All these require vga connection to work.


  smudge101 23:15 08 Jun 2004

Hi I had a problem connecting my lap top to a projector a while ago, turned out to be the usb set up in the bios.
Do you know which bios ver your machine uses?

  Axii9 01:56 09 Jun 2004

OK, I am not too familiar with the terminology for the various ports.

mrdsgs: The connection cable from the smartboard to my computer looks the same (ie shape and number of holes for pins is the same) as the one coming from the projector -that is what I was calling a 'vga', I assume the projector one is called 'vga' and the smartboard 'serial'? yes?. Anyway, I guess I must not have a serial port then.

Fruit Bat: My laptop is a Dell 5150. It has only one port for this type of connection so I thought that since the projector has a USB connection, that I could link that via USb with my laptop and the smartboard via what I now know is the 'serial' port. Of course, it didn't work. And from your combined responses above, I am thinking that it never will.

smudge101: I don't know what bios are.

So, any idea how I might get both smartboard and projector connected?

  Axii9 16:21 09 Jun 2004


  Axii9 21:08 11 Jun 2004

Anybody have any ideas on this one?

  mrdsgs 22:38 11 Jun 2004

forget the usb for now

vga ports have 15 pins/sockets arranged in 3 lines of 5. This is the video signal. All projectors i have used, and that is probably 20, connect from vga on laptop (the same socket that you would connect a separate monitor to- usually has a monitor symbol near it) to "vga in" on projector.

you do not connect projector to smartboard, there is no point/need.

you should then have a serial port on your laptop - 9 pins arranged in two lines. This should be connected to the smartboard. Perhaps you have a usb rather than serial connection on your smaertboard but until you get the projector working forget the smartboard.

one thing at a time.

Have you got an instruction book for your projector and laptop and smartboard?

can you list/describe all the external ports/sockets on laptop and projector?


  Axii9 12:59 12 Jun 2004

There is just one 'socket' for the smartboard OR projector to connect to, this is the isone with three rows of five holes.

This is the whole problem. I didn;t see how I could connect both smartboard and projector at the same time.

The smartboard only connects to the above socket. The projector has other 'sockets' -the only viable one seems to be the usb. That's why I thoght to try connecting the laptop to the projector via this method.

The other sockets on the projector are as follows:

female 4-pin usb

Y - pb/cb - pr/cr

Control port


audio in av

Audio out

-I have a picture on my computer but can't get it onto this post.


  Fruit Bat 22:26 13 Jun 2004

Have you got S video out on your computer graphics card and audio out /speaker on sound card,try these to projector.


  Axii9 19:31 14 Jun 2004

I have a TV out. Would that do the job?

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