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  swanny2 11:47 18 Feb 2006

hi there
my father has a Advent laptop.over the last week or so hes had probs with it.
when hes on the laptop for a while it just closes down .now he thought it was the mains lead as when he moved this it seemed too come on . So he bought a new lead cost hin £50. now hes still got the same problem.only this time it only comes on for a few mins.if not at all. Idont know anythin about pc.s so i thought id ask here.He told me that if he kinda tips it up,it sometimes comes on or messes with the lead at the back .he thought it might not be chargin!!But if he connects it via the mains lead,he shouldnt have this problem.should he?
anyway any help appreciated ty. hes got a advent laptop runnin xp the only number he gave me on the pc is.- n34058
ty all.
Swanny . :O)

  De Marcus™ 13:07 18 Feb 2006

Perhaps the pin/socket inside the laptop is broken?

  mab9 13:19 18 Feb 2006

If it's on his lap or cushion it could be over heating with the vents under the laptop that can make them shut down

  swanny2 17:40 18 Feb 2006

ty for reply but no the sockets ok, and the laptop is usually on his table on wood.:O),so it aint that .cheers.
Sometimes it stays on for a while ,but like now wont come on at all. :O(

ty .

  DrScott 18:38 18 Feb 2006

Some laptops need to have their battery at least partially charged before they'll turn on, even if they are plugged into the mains. My (future) father-in-law's Vaio is such a machine. It is possible then, that the battery is failing and not holding enough charge... i.e. it's just discharging on not getting any mains charge because it can't hold onto it!

How old is the laptop? A new battery might be the way forward.

  swanny2 09:07 19 Feb 2006

ta mate . But if he has it plugged into the Mains ,does it matter if the battery is charged or not?im not sure how they work,see just askin .because he was a bit annoyed it wasnt that after paying £50 for the mains lead .
cheers anyway.

Swanny .

  DrScott 10:57 19 Feb 2006

Swanny, that's the point i'm trying to make. some laptops seem to need a tiny bit of battery power for the computer to run at all, even if plugged into mains

  swanny2 23:36 20 Feb 2006

cheers how does he find out if the battery is no good.or i mean find out.
Swanny :O)

  swanny2 01:03 25 Feb 2006

my father has got back too me an gave me the number of the battery. un340s1 advent,now he tells me he charges the batrtery up an wen he starts it up,it can last form 30,ims too 4 hours.
Then it just all goes warning just shuts down.if it was a faulty battery,why would it last 30mins,then say 4 hours? weird ,ive no idea.hes even bought a new mains lead cost him £50 and its not that.agh well
ty all.
Swanny :O)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:43 25 Feb 2006

Batteris are weird things.

1. charge untill indicator shows 100% laptop runs off battery foor 90 mins.

2. leave on charge all night and it will last for 4 hours

Laptop Batteries
click here
click here

The laptop should have a power LED lit when on mains power, check this is on.

Could also be shutting down for various other reasons:

1. excess heat fan grills blocked

2. corrupted system files, run sfc /scannow to check for corrupt files.

3. device conflicts, update all drivers.

  swanny2 13:15 25 Feb 2006

ta mate .
can u tell me what a sfc scan now is please. ty .also how does he find out what drivers he has .so he can update .or where do i go too get the updates. tx again mate .
Swanny :O)

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