Laptop Problem Toshibe SP400 series

  rossgolf 22:18 14 Oct 2008

a friend has asked me to fix his old laptop.
he gave it to a friend to try before he wanted to buy it, but then he gave it back to my friend with an old version of linux on.

now the problem is, grub is installed and doesnt show XP on there (so he has written over it) and when i try to boot from the oringinal XP cd (Real) i cant. it doesnt have an option to go into the bios, its asif it hasnt got one
and also when it comes up "select f2 for boot selection" you can get nito the boot device selection but it wont allow you to select one

so, what i was thinking was, is there any way of making Grub boot the cd up?

the linux version is to old to even have the option to open the cd.

  rossgolf 22:26 14 Oct 2008


  MCE2K5 22:27 14 Oct 2008

Windows XP Home Edition Utility: Setup Disks for Floppy Boot Install click here

& click here

  rossgolf 22:28 14 Oct 2008

sorry, it doesnt allow you to boot from anythink. it comes up with, press so and so for cdrom and floppy but when you type the letter it doesnt do anythink

  rossgolf 22:30 14 Oct 2008

ah ha
thanks beta.

  rossgolf 22:38 14 Oct 2008

anyone know the bios bypass password for this laptop?
becuase its asking for a password and just hitting enter doesnt work.

  baldydave 22:41 14 Oct 2008

Grub is only the hard drive boot record it will not affect the bios.
Try pressing del or f1 or esc keys while starting pc to enter bios then set cd to boot first.
If it is a really old laptop it may not have a bootable cd drive/bios setup,it may have a cd rom but the old laptops do not boot from cd.

  rossgolf 22:43 14 Oct 2008

well it gives the option to boot from cd just doesnt allow you to press the corresponding letter.
ive managed to get to the bios thanks to beta but its asking for a password

  baldydave 22:47 14 Oct 2008

what bios is it running? e.g award,phoneix

  rossgolf 22:48 14 Oct 2008

im not sure tbh, all i know is its a Satellite Pro 4200 series

  rossgolf 22:51 14 Oct 2008

according to here click here its a ACPI

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