Laptop Problem

  AlexPB 09:47 05 Dec 2007


My laptop keeps on closing whilst im using it, I get a message pop up in white writing with a blue background and then the machine just restarts. Is there anyway of getting rid of these messages or whatever it is?


  MAJ 09:58 05 Dec 2007

What is the error message? Which operating system are you using, XP? Vista?

  AlexPB 10:01 05 Dec 2007

I cant remember what the message is, I am at work at the moment so i cant look, but its running windows XP now, it used to run on ME.

Is there something that can remove all errors like this as i dont really want to have to buy a new hard drive.


  johnnyrocker 10:04 05 Dec 2007

once the 'errors' are known solutions can be found.


  Ikelos 10:08 05 Dec 2007

would this be the same laptop as the thread further down this page ?

or do you have two laptops playing up...

  MAJ 10:21 05 Dec 2007

What makes you think you need a new hard drive, AlexPB?

If this is the same laptop as in your other thread, will you please close one of the threads as having a number of threads open about the same problem can get confusing.

  AlexPB 10:27 05 Dec 2007

Yes it is the same laptop


  MAJ 11:22 05 Dec 2007

Let us know what that error message was, AlexPB, and then we should be able to help further. It could be faulty hardware (possibly memory), or it could be faulty software that's causing the problem, hard to say without the error message to give us a clue.

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