Laptop powers down by itsef

  ozzymodo 19:12 31 Jan 2010

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone could possibly help, Yesterday my son was using my laptop and left it in the middle of the room floor on a small table and muggings here fell over it knocking the laptop onto the floor. The problem I now have is that the laptop seems to work ok whilst I am playing solitaire, browsing the net or maybe burning a cd, but if I leave it to conver a file or to do a defrag it powers down after apx 10 mins (before I could put screensaver on and leave it to finish converting/defragging etc) but now it just shuts down.
It is a Packard Bell EasynoteR4 running windows XP.
I am hoping I can sort it out here as I was made redundant 2 yrs ago and have not been able to get a job still (being 50 doesnt help I suppose) and I cannot afford a repair fee yet.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions
Ps I havemade sure that power settings do not say shut down after 10 mins etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 31 Jan 2010

Have you checked the power savings in the BIOS?

  ozzymodo 20:20 31 Jan 2010

HI fruit bat. Erm nope not checked there and not 100% sure I remember how to access bios lol. I did once access it but that was a few yrs ago on a desktop pc. Is it pos for you to enlighten me and exactly what should I look for pls (not exactly pc inner savvy )

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:35 31 Jan 2010
  ozzymodo 21:02 31 Jan 2010

thanks for link,. Ive been on BIOS but couldnt see anything that said power management so I clicked on re set to default settings ( I dont think that they were altered in first place anyway) and will see how I get on.
Thanks again for replies

  woodchip 21:07 31 Jan 2010

what about power saving in control panel. set things to not power off when running on mains

  ozzymodo 23:06 31 Jan 2010

hi woodchip, yep I had already done that, I set everything in power management t to do nothing. Ive even managed to do a disk check to make sure hard drive wasnt damaged ect. Its really bugging me now lol, I could not find anything to do with power in BIOS setings so don't know what else to do. but thanks for the thought

  woodchip 18:14 01 Feb 2010

check to see if there is something in device manager connected to it being a laptop check graphics and any power savers

  ozzymodo 20:54 04 Feb 2010

Hi Fruit Bat n Woodchip,
Checked everywhere on laptop for power etc, lately it has been intermittent, It could just shut dowjn after 15mins or even go as long as 45mins, even when I'm doing something, like surfing the net or picture editing. Looks like it's gunna have to be a shop job :( lol but thanks for your suggestion's.

  woodchip 22:06 05 Feb 2010

As your Laptop is HP, it may be the same thing I been Having Problems with. When mine turns off it looks like its just the screen as when I press the power button it gives the Windows Shut down sound though there in no Guy picture on the screen it just goes light gray when it appears to shut down, and nothing seems to bring it back to life, as if its gone to sleep mode. But turned everything off in Power Management now so I am going to see how it goes

  woodchip 14:14 06 Feb 2010

still turning off on its own hear, i will let you know if i get a fix

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