Laptop power supply busted

  woodbexhill 21:08 03 Mar 2004

I have a Toshiba Satelitte 1800 and it seems that the plug on the back of it to which I plug in my power cable is not working.

I have a few questions, so any answers greatly appreciated.

Are there any sites available with information on "getting inside" these laptops? I'd like to see if the connection was loose and I could just reconnect it.

How much would it cost for Toshiba to fix the power supply?

Are there any other power options available, ie. a method of charging a battery - putting it in the laptop, and then charging it back up, and putting it back in (externally charging the battery because the inbuilt method of the laptop of course doesn't work).

If anyone has any other information it'll be appreciated, thanks.

  expertec 21:15 03 Mar 2004

Find out about your loacal Service Provider click here see if they can help

  woodbexhill 21:38 03 Mar 2004

I've jus got inside it, and my power tracer shows power going through the laptop ONLY when it is plugged in YET, the laptop shows the status that it is not plugged in at all. Im going to leave it now and see if it turns off after the amount of battery time runs out.

  woodbexhill 21:51 03 Mar 2004

I think I may have fixed the problem so I'll leave it as resolved, I'll post back if any more problems arise.

I would explain how I fixed it but im not sure myself :D

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