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  egretta 14:54 18 Apr 2010

Help! Our puppy has just chewed through the power supply cable for my Toshiba laptop ("lovable" huh?).
The low voltage DC cable is damaged which is moulded into the transformer and so cannot be replaced. I obviously need to replace the transformer but need a short term solution to keep me up and running. I have an old IBM addaptor which has the same connector plug as my toshiba but has a lower voltage. Whilst the toshiba transformer outputs at 19V and 3.42 amp the IBM transformer outputs at 16V and 3.36 A. The polarity of both transformers is the same (centre positive). My question is can I use the IBM transformer to top up my battery? As it is lower power I assume there is no risk of damaging the laptop but is this a false assumption? It may also be that the IBM adaptor simply does not provide enough power to work at all?
Obviously I don't want to invalidate my warranty (the laptop is less than 3 months old) but I am going to be away on business for the next three days so I need a solution.
Any advice gratefully received.

  robin_x 15:59 18 Apr 2010

Personally I would nip up B&Q before they shut and get a crappy crimp kit, if you are not technically minded, (Red, blue, yellow crimps + crappy tool/stripper)+roll of insulating tape.

Or local car spares shop.

Cut the damaged bit out. Strip the outer 2" each side.

Then strip the inners with 1/4" approx (5mm) and rejoin with red crimps.

If you have a soldering iron you dont even need the crimps.

Strip inners 10mm. Twist or hook, then solder.

Don't mess up polarity.

Remember this is temporary. Don't strain the joints.

Insulate as required. Low voltage side, no danger of shock.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:01 18 Apr 2010

Doubt if it will work on lower voltage.

You are going to need a new power adaptor.

Short term solution at (your own risk) click here

or repair cord

1 unplug power adaptor
2. check cable where damaged if only one part wire damaged then go to 5
3. cut cable at damaged part
4. strip back both parts of cable approx 50mm being careful not to damage internal wires separate internal wires
5. strip back approx 5mm
6. connect cables from each part together (making sure you have correct polarity) using electrical connector or twist the two wires (one from each of the two halve of cable) together
7.insulate the connections.

  robin_x 16:02 18 Apr 2010

How to strip outer if you dont have a rotary cutter:

Hold a Stanley knife and round it round like a wine waiter would do with wine bottle, but dont go through inners.

When you can see a bit of an inner, bend and the PVC starts shearing. Nick very carefully to go all the way round. Keep flexing.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:02 18 Apr 2010

great minds

  robin_x 16:03 18 Apr 2010

Interlocking posts lol

  robin_x 16:06 18 Apr 2010

Shit I thought it was 3pm...B&Q shut.

Strip 20mm each inner and just twist the correct ones together very tightly. Insulate. Do the other.

  egretta 17:25 18 Apr 2010

Thank you Robinofloxley and Fruit Bat. I have gone with your suggestions and cut the damaged section out of the cable and rejoined the two ends. It works and apart from the unsightly insulating tape wrapping is as good as new.
The man at Maplins said they are constantly getting people come in with cables damaged by puppies and pet rabbits. I thought we had all of our cables up out of reach but it just takes a second.
Now have to order a new adaptor for a more permanent solution - may sell the puppy in order to finance it...!
Thanks again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:43 18 Apr 2010

If the puppy had chewed the other cable then wouldn't have had any further problems.

  robin_x 17:46 18 Apr 2010

Jolly good. Now when you say business....
I hope you weren't planning to fly.

Best Wishes

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