laptop power supply

  OASTS 08:54 25 Apr 2007

Hi can anyone help,

I have had a Patriot laptop 3040

and quite happy with its performance but failed to find a power source that will last for an hour or more.
worried about losing files, which are needed for two year life span or more.
will it be safe to unplug the main power supply lead, and use the portable option, and how do i do this.
have used all help and support systems and so far unable to find a match with this problem
thanks in advance for all help and advice

  johndrew 10:18 25 Apr 2007

The specification for your laptop click here gives 1.5 hours battery life. As far as data is concerned, once you have saved it to your hard drive it is safe even if the battery goes flat. Most laptops go into a `sleep` type mode if the battery goes flat whilst you are using it and wont run again until you connect your mains charger; this is designed to save any data you are working on.

You should read the manual; it is usually installed on the hard drive and has an icon on the desktop. This will give you full information about the use of the PC. It will tell you about charging the battery, using the PC from mains and from battery.

Generally, to use a laptop from the battery you should check the battery is charged (see your manual for details), turn the charger off at the mains switch and unplug the charger lead from the laptop.

  OASTS 13:23 25 Apr 2007

Thank you johndrew, very happy with the quick response

have never used this facility before but you made it

sound so simple, are you saying the power suppy is the same
the only difference is your installing it into

laptop casing.

thanks once again.


  johndrew 17:24 25 Apr 2007

No, what I`m saying is that within the laptop you have a battery which supplies power when disconnected from the external power supply you plug into the mains. This power supply also charges your battery when it is connected to the laptop. You do not install the power supply into the laptop casing; you insert the power supply plug into the socket in the laptop.

  OASTS 11:37 26 Apr 2007

dear johndrew thanks for the clear explanation, getting confused, will not be tied to my desk for hours now will print this page off for instructions and follow them, thanks for this reply you have been a great help, and going to do a search for manual in hard drive

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