Laptop playing up

  Bike-it 22:10 09 Oct 2011

My laptop a Dell studio is playing up, when i switch it on it boots to the desktop but nothing works, the keyboard the mouse, the bluetooth, wifi and hard disc lights constantly flash. But if i leave it for about twenty minutes the laptop returns to normal. any idea what could be causing this and how to fix it.

  rdave13 22:13 09 Oct 2011

Sounds like something is using a lot of CPU on boot-up. Have you checked for malware/virus'?

  Bike-it 22:15 09 Oct 2011

I ran malawarebytes, ccleaner, and microsoft security essentials, nothing was found.

  lotvic 22:16 09 Oct 2011

Sounds as if it is busy, busy, doing something. What programs do you have set to run at Startup? - Antivirus full scan, Windows Indexing, a scheduled backup etc. maybe?

  rdave13 22:26 09 Oct 2011

Also what antivirus or firewall programs do you have running apart from MSE?

  Bike-it 22:40 09 Oct 2011

nope, there are very little programmes set to run at start up as i check this, av only scans when i start it manually, no scheduled backup selected. any other help please

  rdave13 22:51 09 Oct 2011

Start in safemode and run your security software. Something is using your laptop's CPU on startup unless your hard drive is failing. Vista your operating system?

  Bike-it 23:30 09 Oct 2011

Yea Vista, i will try running all the programmes mentioned above in safe mode and let you all know the results.

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