Laptop to PC wirelessly

  Wrinkly70 22:05 23 Jul 2004

I have fitted a D-Link DWL-510 PCI card to my PC, and have a Compaq Presario which has a Wireless LAN 802.11b. Both computers have WindowsXP SP1.
Using the Network wizard in XP I can get both computers to show a network connection, the PC at 11Mbps, and the Laptop at 2Mbps, in an Ad-hoc Network.
However I cannot get the Laptop to connect to the Internet via the PC's modem, I cannot share the Printer attached to the PC, and I cannot share the PC's files with the Laptop.
In Control/Printers/Properties/Sharing I get a report "Printersettings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed."
Is it possible to make these connections or have I got the wrong kit.

  AndySD 22:31 23 Jul 2004

Are you running a firewall on either the pc or the laptop?

  Wrinkly70 09:02 24 Jul 2004

Yes, I am running Norton 2004

  AndySD 08:51 25 Jul 2004
  Wrinkly70 11:54 25 Jul 2004

Thank you. That has put me up the learning curve (the main reason for being a wrinkly surfer!)
However I have an IP address on the pc and a subnet mask, but it shows "unavailable" on the laptop. How do I give the laptop an IP address, which presumably has to be the same as the PC +1.
Hope you can help.

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