Laptop to pc via vga

  Jebiah88 23:06 24 Jun 2010

Okay so i have my laptop connected to my tv with a vga cable and i have a picture but the colour is slightly distorted and has a few black lines across the screen, also if i put internet explorer on the tv screen its fine untill i maximise it then the screen goes black. Ive been searching for ages and tried a hundred different combos of resolition! Btw its a toshiba satellite pro connected to panasonic viera 32 inch and im on vista. Thanks

  Kevscar1 08:28 25 Jun 2010

You need to use the native TV resolution. I can do 1900 1280 on my monitor. TV is a lot lower so I have to switch ot that one for The TV to display properly. Don'tknow if thats your problem.
Possibly try unpluging the lead and reinserting.
If you have one try another lead incase thats faulty.

  Jebiah88 08:30 25 Jun 2010

I tried that but only a few resolutions actually work, my native resolution for the tv isnt even listed, such an annoying problem!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:52 25 Jun 2010

Previous thread click here

  Jebiah88 10:59 25 Jun 2010

That previous thread is mine and doesnt help at all!

The extended desktop works on my tv but is distorted and has lines across it also when you drag something onto the tv it flips and out and goes blank, i cant be the only person with this problem!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:08 25 Jun 2010

Two threads on the same subject causes confusion as no knows what has been suggested previously.

  Kevscar1 11:18 25 Jun 2010

Can you switch the monitor to a resolution lower that you TV's. Try that see what happens.

  Jebiah88 12:25 25 Jun 2010

Well the last thread was to solve the issue of my screen being black which i did now i have an issue with the resolution and colour of the screen, as noone was answering the last thread i made a new one!

Anywho, the tv monitor only displays an image on certain resolutions i think 1280x768 is the best so far, well thw others display an image but its off center and off the screen!

Thanks for the help so far

  Sea Urchin 12:34 25 Jun 2010

"as no one was answering the last thread i made a new one!"

You had received a response from Fruit Bat /\0/\ just 11 minutes before you "closed now"

As you have now started another thread please mark the original one as resolved by ticking the box and clicking the Resolve button.

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