laptop to p.c help please

  llollipoppi 19:12 11 Sep 2006


I am new to all this so I will try to provide as much info as possible and hopefully someone can talk me through this!

I am trying to link my laptop to my p.c using a belkin crossover cable so that I can transfers files and use the internet. Both are running on win xp and I have used the networking wizard but I must be goind wrong somewhere as still not working. The laptop has recognised the laptop as a network place but not the p.c and I honestly dont know what is going on with the p.c's network places as it has four places, only one of which I recognise - my internet connection!!! The other three are 1394 connection, Local Area Connection and Local Area Connection 2. So I dont know what one I should be using. Also when i reboot I get the message Local Area Connection, limited or no connectivity.

If there is anyone who can guide me through this mess, its really appreciated.

P.S Go easy on me i'm new at this!!!:)

  sean-278262 19:17 11 Sep 2006

This is what I do to make sure they connect. There may be an easier way but this one always works on any systems I use.

My computer > My network places (in the left panel) > View network connections.

Right click local area connection which ever is the one you are using to connect the computer with.

Scroll down the list to Internet protocol (TCP/IP)

Click properties

Go to "use the following IP address"

Type in the box (on the other computer this should be

press tab so that in the following box it will say and click ok.

You should now connect. You need to either disable your firewall or set it so it allows the connection to the IP addresses I spoke of before.

  sean-278262 19:18 11 Sep 2006

repeat the process on the other system and use the other IP address I spoke of.

  llollipoppi 19:23 11 Sep 2006


Thanks for that, they both say connected now:)

How do I transfer a file from one to the other now?

Once again Thanks:)

  sean-278262 19:25 11 Sep 2006

You need to set the folders to shared. Right click on the folder and sharing is in that option. Just as a point you can use any IP address but I just posted one for aid of explaining.

  sean-278262 19:26 11 Sep 2006

Said that wrong right click and go to properties. Ooops.

  llollipoppi 19:27 11 Sep 2006

I have pic the folder I want to share, so how do I now get that info from p.c to laptop?

  sean-278262 19:29 11 Sep 2006

My computer > Shared documents

  llollipoppi 19:43 11 Sep 2006

ok done that but still can't move the file from p.c to laptop,

i did the ping test and the laptop is talking to p.c but i get message request timed out when i try to ping the laptop from the p.c.

Any Ideas?

  sean-278262 19:52 11 Sep 2006

You need to connect both machines using the above IP addresses and clear both machines firewalls so that the data can pass through.

  Strawballs 19:57 11 Sep 2006

click here llollipoppi also has the same thread on the Network forum that was resolved by spikeychris both going at the same time.

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