laptop password

  chippy+ 22:05 09 Jan 2010

hi i have been given a acer 5610 laptop which i had to fit a bigger hard drive the old one was broken everything is now working ok what i would like to ask is as i have 4 desktop pc's in my house without passwords with no problems but as my wife i s going to use the laptop to go to meetings and such i thought it better to get a password on to it could someone direct me in the right direction thanks Chippy

  DieSse 22:45 09 Jan 2010

What OS please?

Or you could set a password in the BIOS.

  chippy+ 22:52 09 Jan 2010

hi DieSse
thanks for the reply my os is xp pro media center
i'm not to happy to go into the bios is there another way Chippy

  chippy+ 12:47 10 Jan 2010

hi DieSse and Jock1e thankyou both for your help


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