laptop overheating and shutting down problem

  patso 20:28 02 Sep 2010

hi all I have a problem with my hp presario cq 60 notebook 3 gig ram vista home premium.when i am running a few progs particularily watching divx films on vlc or wmp after a while my laptop gets very hot and shuts down.i rang the repair company who are willing to take it back and have a look at it but i dont really want to be without it for a week and take all my info off it.i installed core temp to keep an eye on the temperature and it seems if it goes above 95 degrees this happens.would it help if i got a cooler instead and do they work and are they worth it,

  Nontek 20:42 02 Sep 2010

95 degrees is rather hot, I think the norm should be around about 65 at most. Make sure all external vents are clear and clean, do not use on carpet or on lap or material, all these tend to increase the temp. Get a laptop cooler tray.

  Nontek 20:44 02 Sep 2010
  patso 20:50 02 Sep 2010

thanks nontek its running at 65 at the moment is this cooler any good do you know,and is it noisy,sorry for all the questions and thanks again

  Nontek 20:57 02 Sep 2010

Any cooler should be better than none - sorry I don't know about noise, never having used one.

  AL47 21:25 02 Sep 2010

be careful, mine blew up totally after doing the same thing

  patso 22:03 02 Sep 2010

hi al 47 i am monitoring the temp at the moment did yr laptop blow up or was it the battery that went and how did that happen.thanks nontek but i wouldnt advise about using something i have never used or tried no offence meant but thanks for the advice anyway

  birdface 22:31 02 Sep 2010

Check Task Manager to see what is using up the CPU.
If nothing running System Idle process should be showing about 96% of the CPU that is normal.
Anything else using up a lot of the CPU could cause the computer to overheat.

  patso 23:36 08 Nov 2010

sorry for the very late reply,i got core temp to monitor the heat,and i just dont have too much running at the same time,i also bought a stand for the air to circulate under the laptop.i hav'nt had the shutdown prob since doing all these.
thanks for all the help and sorry for being so late posting back.

  kristain 06:42 09 Nov 2010

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