Laptop overheating need new one

  chrisjaz 16:06 13 Jul 2013

I have a samsung RF510 quad core 2gb i5 nvidia FeForce 330m 64bit laptop This was bought because it was meant to cope with all the things i like to do on the computer .However i create slidshows using music video , pictures and lots of effects no problem until it comes to render then it switches off , i have it on the lowest energy saving on my power settings and so far so good but it will only be a matter of time before it starts to switch off from there. I am looking to buy a new laptop this time a 17in (this one cost £700) was not worth is so i am looking to pay a little less and get a machine that will cope with what i want to do . Can you suggest what i should be looking for as i don't want to make the same mistake again , having said that mine was meant to be all bells and whistles !!!! Thanks Chrisjaz

  wee eddie 16:24 13 Jul 2013

Before you spend money - Try cleaning out the dust and fluff from its airways.

A clean stiff 'bristle' 1" paint brush and a hairdryer should be sufficient.

When you are using it, make sure that the airways are clear of impedance

  Graphicool1 16:46 13 Jul 2013

Hi chrisjaz

Only 2GB memory for an "all bells and whistles" rig, I don't think so. You can probably get about 8GB in there.

  chrisjaz 16:58 13 Jul 2013

Hi So if i have more gb put in would that stop my laptop overheating when rendering video's?

  Nontek 17:13 13 Jul 2013

Are you sure you have only 2Gb RAM? That laptop comes with 4Gb RAM as standard.

Any laptop should be used on a firm base, ie Table/Laptop-Tray/Desk, not on the carpet or even on ones lap, so that in use there is plenty of Air-flow all around the laptop. It is normal for a laptop to get quite warm.

  alanrwood 19:32 13 Jul 2013

Try installing CoreTemperature from

click here will at least confirm what temp the CPU is reaching. It has a little icon in the Task tray that gives a real time reading.

As Nortek says some laptops do run quite hot, especially in the current warm weather. I put a piece of wood under it at the rear to allow a better airflow and it can reduce the temperature by as much as 10 degrees.


  bumpkin 19:37 13 Jul 2013

chrisjaz, you seem to have assumed that this is caused by overheating. Have you checked the CPU temp, if so post it please.

  bumpkin 19:40 13 Jul 2013

I mean when you are rendering of course.

  chub_tor 21:47 13 Jul 2013

Graphicool1 is quite correct, that machine will take 8Gb see this link to Crucial. Video rendering is very memory intensive - I have 16Gb and still think that I wait too long. And wee eddie is also correct you need good airflow to keep temperatures down.

If you really want to buy a new machine (and personally I don't think that the work you are doing needs one) then make sure that you get the maximum RAM possible - and a great big hard drive will help too, videos take up huge amounts of space both when they are being rendered and after they are made into ISOs. Any quad core processor will do so CPU speed is not as important as RAM in this case.

  chrisjaz 15:07 16 Jul 2013

HI Thanks for all your replies , i have been away from the computer for a couple of days and only just checked for replies . I have just downloaded the core temp and will give it a try now . Will let you know what happens Thanks Chrisjaz

  chrisjaz 15:45 16 Jul 2013

HI Just done the Core temp results are (computer didn't switch off even though i put the power options back to balance from enery save !) I hope this makes sense JtMax 105 min max Core o 40 93 Core 1 40 102

just checked it is 4gb not 2gb , i have 2 drives c and d not sure if i should use the d drive just for the progam i use to create the slideshows as everything else on the computer uses the c drive .I am not sure why you need 2 partitions and what is the best way of using them. I am amazed the computer didn't switch off i tried 2 different shows and it still stayed on. Mind you it did get near the 105 . If i wanted to get more ram and memory i wouldn't be able to do with myself as taking the computer apart is a bit scary plus the fact i wouldn't know how to.If i decided to get this done would it make a tremendeous difference to my laptop and what i use it for , photoshop, proshow ect Thanks again Christina

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