laptop overheating?

  denis93 00:14 08 May 2012

i have a medion akoya p8610 laptop,jusy over a year old,it keeps shutting down after about 4 hours,it has no virus`s,i think its over heating,i have it on a cooling pad,and checked the internal fan is clean,other than that im lost,i can feel with my hand,the left hand side gets very hot,what more can i do?,im at my wits end help!

  mole44 05:46 08 May 2012

Have you tried using a can of compressed air (Yes i know it sounds funny) to blow out all the accumulated dust from inside the machine away

  denis93 06:36 08 May 2012

yes mole44,i even took the back off,its clean as a whistle.

  denis93 08:43 11 May 2012

anybody else have any ideas please?

  birdface 09:03 11 May 2012

Could be some of your drivers needing updated.Although you may not get any problems in device manager it does not mean there are no updates.

Try the Medion Site to find out.

Not sure where the hard drive is on a medion but the grand daughter had a faulty hard drive on her laptop and and you could feel the heat coming from it when placing your hand on the cover underneath.Mind you not sure if that was normal or not.

  ronalddonald 09:32 11 May 2012

well mr sellu u could try getting a laptop cooler maplin sel them or trybrada

its cheap and i use one on my laptop.

have you checked your BIOS settings and what operating system are you using.

  denis93 09:36 11 May 2012

thank you buteman,ill check that out,ronalddonald i have bought 3 different cooling pads for the laptop,not one of them can stop it over heating

  finerty 09:44 11 May 2012

what is the temperature of the laptop

  finerty 09:50 11 May 2012

can u physically open it and look at the fan maybe it needs a new coating of thermal paste like artic silver 5

artic silver 5

  finerty 09:51 11 May 2012

not for the fan but for the cpu

  denis93 09:56 11 May 2012

finerty,i opened the back of it to check the cooling fan,its clean,and leading to the cpu is like a long gold bar,im not that clued up to what that bar is,but thats were all the heat is coming from.

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