Laptop Overheating!!

  mark3986 22:05 17 May 2010

hi my laptop keeps over heating it gets so hot under neath you carnt touch it then just goes off.ive got a laptop cooler too.wot else can i do its doing my head in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:09 17 May 2010

If its overhaeting with a cooler

then 1 make sure its not overclocked
2. strip it down and clean the fan, grills and heatsink.

  mark3986 22:14 17 May 2010

how do i make sure it isnt overclocked

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:08 17 May 2010

Did you buy it new or second hand?

if new unlikely to be overclocked

if second hand go into the BIOS and use the "load default settings" option.

  mark3986 23:14 17 May 2010

brand new 18months ago

  mooly 07:34 18 May 2010

Make and model... someone might know something.

  mark3986 11:00 18 May 2010
  mooly 11:55 18 May 2010

I'm not familiar with it, found one reference to overheating, first couple of paragraphs.

click here

I guess normal rules apply,
Can you hear the fan work OK ? make sure it does actually run.
Does it overheat when not running any applications... and has it always done it from new.
Worth scanning for malware ?
Can you pin the problem down to any particular event or update/software install etc
The last resort is a factory reinstall, and just see how it behaves, then note the effect of applications etc as you add them.

  Woolwell 12:18 18 May 2010

If this is the same laptop then you seem to have a number of problems click here and click here. I wonder if there is any relationship between the problems.

  mark3986 16:14 18 May 2010

yes it is wot do u mean woolwell

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