laptop overheat warning-what to do?

  SparkyJack 07:36 08 Oct 2013

A laptop repeated displays a warning of overheating and advises a shutdown. But the machine exhaust feels cool . lhave suggested applying a vacuum nozzle to dislodge any grot build up Any other suggestions please j

  BT 08:33 08 Oct 2013

Number one thing not to do with a laptop is to use it on your lap! Use a table or if you must use it on your lap, a tray. I use one of those trays with a beanbag base which makes it sit comfortably on your knees.

  onthelimit1 08:38 08 Oct 2013

It can be difficult to shift a build up of dust with a vacuum as it packs in behind the heat sink. Worth a try, but stop the fan turning otherwise it can act as a generator and damage circuit boards. Compressed air is better aimed through the air exit.

Worth running malwarebytes in case a nasty is working in the background and hogging the CPU causing it to overheat.

  chub_tor 09:18 08 Oct 2013

Click Here for a generic method of cleaning dust out of a laptop if you Google your model you can probably find the exact method of taking it apart.

  woodchip 09:48 08 Oct 2013

Only way is to part strip the Laptop to get to the CPU Heat Exchanger, this will be near the top, near screen may be top left. We need Laptop model Number to look for a site that shows strip down

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