laptop os query

  filthyphil 10:10 25 Jul 2007

hi I am looking at getting my kids an Acer Aspire 3693WLMi Laptop / Celeron M 430 1.73 GHz / 512MB RAM / 80GB / DVD-RW / Windows Vista Home Basic. each for christmas my only worry is that i have heard bad things about vista, it takes far too long to boot wrt xp and has issues with playing films apparently the sound is out of sync with play?
would it make any difference if i get this laptop but install xp after i get them? i am aware that vista is really higher spec os but surely xp can work just as well if not better???
many thanks

  cream. 10:29 25 Jul 2007

I personally would not consider getting a laptop with a celeron cpu. They may do the basic of tasks but when you ask a little bit more from them you will see why they are so cheap.

If you want a cheapish laptop with a semi-decent cpu consider a click here at £299. Add some extra ram and you should have a machine that will be head and shoulders above the celeron.

As to vista. If you trim some of the start up programs, it should boot faster than XP.

  filthyphil 11:58 25 Jul 2007

ideally i need the laptop to have a built in webcam as well so to lessen the amount of "clutter" when using it

  Batch 11:59 25 Jul 2007

The general view seems to be that Vista really needs at least 1GB of memory and ideally 2GB. I have no experience of it so cannot comment.

I will say that I use XP Home on my main PC and it rarely, if ever, requires more than 512MB (I have 768MB installed) - often just aroudn 280 - 350MB is used. Admittedly I don't do heavy grunt (games, video editing etc.) just Internet (but often many concurrent instances), Office and a few odds and sods

  wee eddie 12:02 25 Jul 2007

Loading of all programs etc will, very likely, be slow with 512MB but should work OK.

  cream. 12:29 25 Jul 2007

512Mb of ram is the recommended minimum for vista home basic. So it will run vista.

You will find that it will use between 50% and 75% of the memory just to run windows. This coupled with the celeron will leave little for more than one major application. Price up the cost, to increase the memory to at least 1Gb. The laptop will run much smoother.

If you are planning to run any moderately recent games on the machine, I think you or your children will be disappointed.

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