Laptop only boots when back case isn't in place

  Phil Rodda 17:07 23 Jan 2018

My daughter has an 18 month old Asus X555LA. Recently, out of nowhere, it stopped booting into Windows & now only boots into the BIOS. I have had a look to make sure there are no loose connections or damage to the DC jack etc etc and there doesn't seem to be any obvious issues that I can see.

Here is the strange thing, I restarted the laptop while the back was off & it booted into Windows perfectly. I did this half a dozen times and it was working fine. I then screwed the back on, thinking that everything was fine & it went back to booting into the BIOS again.

Basically, it works when the backcase isn't screwed on but won't boot work once it's in place. Has anyone ever seen or heard of anything like this before please. I'm at a total loss. Many thanks - Phil.

  Forum Editor 17:16 23 Jan 2018

It's worth trying to start it when the back is in place, but not screwed up. I had a similar situation with a laptop years ago, and found that it started without the screws in place.

It's a trial and error situation. If it starts OK with the back in position, try one screw at a time until it stops booting again. Eventually you might get to the point where all but one of the screws are in place.

  alanrwood 19:17 23 Jan 2018

Sounds like a motherboard track is intermittent and breaks when the screws are tightened or the connection tom the hard drive is broken when the screws are tightened.

Follow the FE's advice and the cause may become apparent. I say "may" because some circuits are multi layer and it could be an internal track that is the problem.

  pfrodda 21:38 23 Jan 2018

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm very grateful. Will try it out tomorrow.

  pfrodda 12:57 30 Jan 2018

No luck I'm afraid. It sounds like it's something to do with a connection on the motherboard so will have to bite the bullet and have a tekkie look at it. Many thanks.

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