Laptop is not starting via power button

  Rakesh Karmakar 18:00 06 Nov 2018

Laptop is not starting I have a dell inspiron 3520...and it is not starting...but the battery charging indicator is glowing when i connect the AC adapter...i have gone through the process of static discharge...but it is not helping...i have bought a new the battery is also ok...but i want to know which part of the laptop is causing this problem and what is the sollution....please help me...Thank you.

  Govan1x 22:42 06 Nov 2018

.but the battery charging indicator is glowing when i connect the AC adapter.

Is it glowing on the laptop or the charger, If on the charger get the charger checked out.

  Rakesh Karmakar 01:56 07 Nov 2018

the charger light as well as the laptop charging led, both r glowing....but when i am pressing the power button it is not starting.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:26 07 Nov 2018

If your lucky its a defective power btton if unlucky could be a failed motherboard.

Is there any signs of life at all?

  Rakesh Karmakar 16:46 09 Nov 2018

no, i think i should send it to graveyard.It is not gonna start at all. Thank you for your concern.

  Govan1x 12:36 10 Nov 2018

You said you have already done this, So try it again. Remove the power cable and the battery. Hold the start button in for 50 seconds. Then add the charger and the battery and press the start button again.

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