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Laptop not seeing other computers on network

  Strawballs 21:17 11 Jul 2005

My HP laptop has just come back from HP after haveing new screen fitted (32 days old) when it left every thing worked now it does not see other computers on my wireless network. It still connects to net through router. Could they have changed a setting.

  howard60 21:28 11 Jul 2005

I would check to see that the laptop name and workgroup are as you had them set.

  Strawballs 21:33 11 Jul 2005

I have done that and they are

  Strawballs 22:55 11 Jul 2005

One other thing the other computers can see the laptop. When I try viewing workgroup computers I get a message saying that MSHOME is not accessable which is the workgroup that all the computers are set on

  mgmcc 08:34 12 Jul 2005

<<< I get a message saying that MSHOME is not accessible >>>

This can happen from time to time for no apparent reason - the network is just inaccessible and next time it may connect alright.

Try 'pinging' one of the other computers and, if that works, use Windows' search facility to see if it can find one of the other computers by name.

Also try using Windows Explorer's menu option to "Map Network Drive" to a shared folder on one of the other PCs. That often gets an awkward network connection going again.

  Strawballs 19:18 12 Jul 2005

MGMCC you were right no apparent reason it returned thanks anyway for your suggestions

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