Laptop not recognizing my usb hard-drive

  triumphtr25w 13:14 04 Mar 2018

Dell Inspiron 15 running Win 10 . Upto date . Plug in my Usb hard-drive which used to work until I did a restore on my system . Now when plugged in all I get is beep . Same as my flash-drive . The Device manager shows it as a VirtualDisk SCSI Disk Drive. When I go into Disk management it shows Disk 1 , Unknown , Not initialized. Yet the initialize is Greyed out. Any Help Please ?. Mike.

  wiganken2 16:56 04 Mar 2018

Try checking for Windows updates. Also try IoBit Driver booster (free version) to update any old drivers (make sure that IoBit doesn't install anything except itself by unchecking any extras it may want to install by default).

  triumphtr25w 16:59 04 Mar 2018

Hi wiganken2 Have run update , reinstalled drivers , will try other suggestion . Thanks Mike

  [DELETED] 17:19 04 Mar 2018

Try a reboot, not a shutdown, of windows 10 as that will force 10 to reload drivers afresh rather than using fast startup.

  triumphtr25w 17:40 04 Mar 2018

Hi wiganken2 This did not work . Thanks anyway. Mike

  triumphtr25w 17:41 04 Mar 2018

rdave13 Done that thanks no difference. Cheers

  Cleantechsolutionz 21:47 04 Mar 2018


She and her tech team helped me with the same problem last week. They are extremely good

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