Laptop Not Recharging Batteries

  aja007 22:05 02 Jan 2006

I have a Fujutsi Siemens Lifebook C1110 laptop.

It doesn't recharge it's (removable) battery (NB I have two and they're not the problem as they recharge ok on a mate's laptop-same model).

Any suggestions???

  Brezza 01:33 03 Jan 2006

Hi aja007,

Its more then likly that the laptop is faulty, especially if the batteries are fine one another machine.

Iv seen the Fujutsi Siemens Lifebook series with a number of power/motherbord problems before, actuly where i used to work we rolled out a few to the employess and about 70% of them complained within a week of hardware faults.

Your best bet would be to claim the fault on your warrenty, Fujutsi were pretty good with taking back and repairing the machines.

I Know its a big pain but if its still under warrenty you should'nt need to pay a penny to get it resolved by Fujutsi.

  aja007 02:03 03 Jan 2006

Unfortunately it's out of warrenty!

  rmcqua 10:20 03 Jan 2006

I guess you have checked that the mains power supply is giving out required 18 - 20 volts? (presumably it works OK off mains power?)

  aja007 14:18 03 Jan 2006

Hi rmcqua,

Yes it works fine off mains.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:09 03 Jan 2006

Clean the terminals where the bttery connects as these can oxidise and cause bad connection resulting in not charging.

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