Laptop not logging on to network first time

  Nessie 11:11 08 Jul 2007

I have a wireless network with 2 laptops, 2 PC's and a playstation. All Log onto the network and internet no problem but my new Laptop will not log on first time. If I disable the wireless and then enable it again it always works. Any ideas why it never does it first time. It is a HP with XP Home and my router is a Belkin.

  Nessie 12:04 08 Jul 2007


  Taff™ 12:43 08 Jul 2007

Click the wireless icon in the system tray (Near The Clock) and select View Available Networks. To the left under Related Tasks select Change the order of preferred networks. Make sure your router is at the top of the list. Hope this helps!

  Nessie 13:25 08 Jul 2007

Only have one network listed on options so not that. Thanks for help though

  Jake_027 15:14 08 Jul 2007

but if you go to start>control panel>network connections and right click on the wireless network connection or whatever you have called it, select properties and under one of the tabs I'm sure theres a check box that says "automatically connect to my preferred networks" or something like that. See if you can find it and check if its ticked, if not pm me and I'll go on my xp pc later to check where it is.

  Nessie 22:28 08 Jul 2007

tried both above and niether work. Just have to put up with it thanks anyway

  Taff™ 06:08 09 Jul 2007

When you are connected how strong is the signal? Also are there other wirelessnetworks within range? If so, they may be transmitting on the same channel or very close to it. (There are 11 to choose from I think) You could try:

a) Moving the router closer or putting it in a higher position. Even adjusting the direction of the aerial might help.

b) Change the channel of the router by moving up or down two channels.

  Nessie 22:28 09 Jul 2007

The signal strength is perfect and there are up to 4 networks in range but none on channel 3 which is what I am on. All the other pc's and laptops work so i domt see how the router could be the fault. Thanks again for your time

  woodchip 22:32 09 Jul 2007

Probably the Computer is looking for the Network before the Wireless connection as been established

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