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Laptop Not Getting November Update

  RegScriv 12:28 01 Jan 2016

My laptop has not yet received the November Update. My 2 desktops both received the update a month ago. I don't really want to force it but are others also waiting for the update.

  hubdean 13:40 01 Jan 2016

hi my update were coming in at 12.30 am onwards is laptop on the. only time mine updated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:29 01 Jan 2016

Desktop still on build 10240

  RegScriv 16:18 01 Jan 2016

I usually switch all my computers off at the end of the day. The laptop is used very little but I switch it on once a day to check for updates. I'm getting updates for it but not the November Update. So Fruit Bat/\0/\, your desktop hasn't been offered the update either. So probably no need to worry, I'll just hang back & wait for it

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