laptop not coming back on after closing lid

  rubygxx 21:15 04 Apr 2015

Hello, my laptop is not showing any sign of life when I opened it up just now, I always just close lid if I go away, then open it up when I go back to it, it usually comes right back on again, it is Samsung RV720, windows 7, never had this happen before, I pressed start button once, that did not work, tried holding it down to close it down as it was on when I left it, thought I could restart it, but nothing happens, any advice anyone? Thanks

  rdave13 21:22 04 Apr 2015

Sometimes you need to press any key to wake it from sleep. You should have a light showing somewhere if sleeping. If no indication showing then the battery is dead (no charge) and it shuts down. Plug in the charger to boot up.

  wee eddie 22:50 04 Apr 2015

Another possibility: Look carefully along the hinge. There is often a small spike which is depressed when you close the lid.

Your condition would be explained if it was stuck down

  Daisy_Michael 15:51 07 Apr 2015

Yeah, more likely the battery is doing it and you just can't ignore the possibilities of sleep-mode.

Plug in the charger and try pressing the power button.

  rubygxx 17:25 07 Apr 2015

Sorry folks , i feel a total fool, it was charger not properly in socket, i had moved it to another socket and must have not pushed it in right, was wondering how it was showing no sign of life, pressed power button, took battery out and put it back in, then after i posted in here i had a look at the socket and found that plug was not connected properly, laptop was only out of charge, i have given my self a slap, sorry for wasting your time .

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