laptop no longer finds my network

  largegroh 22:41 12 Nov 2008

I have a vista home premium laptop. it has been connected to my home network. now, however, it finds lots of other nearby wireless connections but doe not find mine. It used to be fine. not sure what has happened and even less luck finding a fix or even how to fix. any help would be great! my router is linksys WRT54G.


  Ashrich 00:30 13 Nov 2008

Is your router broadcasting it's SSID ? Can any other laptops find it ? Can you connect by cable ?

Try changing channel in the router in case you have a high power signal from another router swamping your transmission .

To find out what channels are being used by nearby router open a command prompt ( start/run , type in CMD and press enter ) then type in to the black box without quote marks " netsh " , press enter , then type in " wlan show network mode=bssid " , press enter again and you should get a list of nearby networks and their names and channel numbers , if any of them match yours and their strength is high change your channel number to something different .


  largegroh 14:46 13 Nov 2008

when i typed "wlan show network mode=bssid" i got this message:

the wireless autoconfig service <wlansvc> is not running

what now? and also how do i determine the channel of my linksys wrt54g router?

  Ashrich 20:07 13 Nov 2008

Go to start/run , type in Services.msc , and scroll down to WLAN AutoConfig , double click on it and in the drop down box select Automatic or auto , whatever it says , Ok that and reboot and try looking again for networks .


  largegroh 20:52 13 Nov 2008

ok did that and got a list of the wireless connections around me. Still, the laptop does not find my own network. It used to but lately it does not find it. Not a matter of not connecting but not finding.

when i t ry to add my network again by right clicking the two squars in task bar and mannually adding my network name it says network already present. But it does not find it. I am at a loss of how to get it working again.

also i still do not know how to determine what channel my router is using

  Ashrich 22:30 13 Nov 2008

Connect to the router using an ethernet cable then log in to the router by typing into the address bar of your browser , this will take you to the router log in , ( user name is left blank , password is admin ) . Go to the wireless tab and check that the SSID is being broadcast , you can change the channel settings here as well .


  largegroh 23:49 13 Nov 2008

ok here is what i have been able to do so far. i went to see what connections were and their channels. mine did not show up. so I went into manage your connections and deleted mine that did show up there.

now the laptop recognizes my router but can't connect to it. i am assumming i have something wrong in the setup.

I have the name correct, the pw correct, the key correct but am not totally sure on the security type. i am pretty sure it is the first personal one not the second. other than this i don't know where to go from here

  Ashrich 19:05 14 Nov 2008

The security key that you have to enter to connect is case sensitive , so make sure that it is absolutely correct , otherwise try a different key , you can change this in the wireless setup in the router . If you just do a search for wireless networks , select your one and double click on it and enter the key when asked Vista will be able to know what type of encryption it is and make you a new profile . You will probably be using WPA TKIP encryption . Also try temporarily disabling your firewall and see if that makes a difference .


  largegroh 20:00 14 Nov 2008

ok did that. the wlan still shows my network but still can't connect. when I click connect I get "connection to wlan failed"

since I know now how to delete my network form the laptop, let me ask you this.

Is there anyway you could gie me step by step guide to installing my network onto the laptop? I have all the info i need, I think, and it worked before. If i could find the guide on the internet that i used before i could do it but since i can't I am hoping you can give me a guide.

if not i understand. thx for all the help so far.

  Ashrich 00:29 15 Nov 2008

Vista makes things a lot simpler ( actually XP did too ) literally all you have to do is scan for networks , select your own and the rest I posted above , it really is ( or should ) be that simple .

A couple of things I would suggest you do if you can't connect wirelessly is to connect an ethernet cable so you have internet access and download the latest drivers for your wireless card , and power cycle the Linksys ( remove power cable for a few minutes and plug back in again and let the router lights settle ) try accessing after rebooting

If you have all the settings written down somewhere ( user name , password etc for your ISP ) then a last resort might be a full reset on the router ( push the ned of a paperclip into the reset hole on the back of the router for 20 seconds , then access the set up pages and re-enter all the necessary information to get back online .


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