Laptop new battery shuts down suddenly

  ljljpt 17:27 02 Oct 2016

Hello ... I have had a Toshiba C850-A965 laptop for 4 years and it's been working perfectly untill one day recently, a message poped up saying that there's something wrong with the battery and should be replaced, but it was still the same, works for an hour and a half approximately But, I went ahead and bought a new battery, the message disappeared and i fully charged and then started the laptop it worked for about 15 mins and then it shut down ( like u took the plug off from a desktop computer) without any warning when i turned it back on, it was still fully charged !!! and the shutting down happend again and again :( the old battery is still working fine so that must mean that there's nth wrong with my laptop right? and the battery is bad? please give me your opinions thank you for your precious time

  xania 13:56 06 Oct 2016

Sounds like a dickie battery. Take it back and get it replaced.

  Forum Editor 15:03 06 Oct 2016

Before you start taking a new battery back, take a look at the power settings on your machine.

The settings will be set to trigger a shut down when the battery charge level falls below a pre-set limit, and sometimes this can be too high, resulting in sudden, unexplained shut-downs.

Go into power options in control panel, and click on 'change advanced power settings'

Scroll down, and expand the 'battery' options. Now you'll be able to see (and alter if necessary) what your computer does in certain battery situations. You can change the critical charge percentage which will trigger a shut-down/sleep/hibernation and alter it if necessary.

It may not be the answer, but try it before taking that battery back.

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