Laptop Motherboard Fault

  romaneagle 23:08 11 Aug 2003

My (impoverished) son's Easynote's motherboard has failed, or so we have been advised by a repair shop. Is the only solution to replace the motherboard, or can it be repaired? Or failing a repair, does anybody know where he can get a cheap replacement, please? All the other components are sound.
Thanking you in anticipation of your kind assistance!

P.S. The machine is currently in bits as returned by the repair shop.

  DieSse 00:01 12 Aug 2003

Laptop systems do not use standard motherboards - they are made to suit the particular laptop design.

Even if you could source a new motherboard, which will only come from the laptop manufacturer, it is likely to cost an arm and a leg.

Motherboards are not usually counted as repairable, as the assembly technologies are beyond all but the most sophisticated worshop facilities, and the components are not readily available.

Can I ask what made the repair shop come to the conclusion it is the motherboard, and are you confident with their diagnosis.

  hillybilly 00:07 12 Aug 2003

Agree with all of what DieSse says, but for a second opion on your laptop, try here:
click here

  romaneagle 21:31 12 Aug 2003

Many thanks for your trouble, I find both resonses very helpful. It appears all is not lost!
Thanks again, DieSse and Hillbilly.

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