Laptop motherboard connection not working

  Peteris 09:48 25 Feb 2018

Hello! I have problem with my HP 250 laptop. Once after takeing laptop in backpack on/off button did not work well (with other: keyboard, touchpad panel everything was ok), noticed that there is some problems with connections. Opened laptop, took off front panel, many times took in and out connection cable from power button to motherboard connection and found that here were problem, solved. But in meanwhile keyboard and touchpad were unconnected from motherboard. It was already few months ago and laptop is stayed in this condition this time. Right now connected touchpad and keyboard back, but they are not working, touchpad (and two buttons) are not responding at all, one time keyboard three buttons wroked ("5", "/" and space) but other times when I connect cable to motherboard nothing responds. Visually connections seems ok, tried to blow all dust (if there were) from connections, but nothing chnaging. I dont know where is problem, any adivces?

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