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  Solvaworld1 12:29 20 Dec 2009


All of a sudden my laptop screen has gone very dim. This has happend actually while I was working on it. However when I take the power lead out and it runs on battery it goes back to normal. My problem is that the battery in my laptop dies after about 15 minutes so I have have it plugged in. I have tried to find out what causes this but havent found anyhting yet. I find it a bit odd to be honest if the screen went dim once the charger was taken out it would make more sense. The fact it happens when you plug it in baffles me

Any help would be appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:03 20 Dec 2009

remove battery and boot laptop with mains only

a defective cell in the battery is probably pulling all the power from the adaptor.

  Solvaworld1 16:48 20 Dec 2009


Removed the battery completely and still no change, its quite odd as you would think the screen isnt damaged if it works fine when running off the battery.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 20 Dec 2009

You need to check the power management settings both in windows and in the BIOS.

Normally (as you say) its set to dim when working off battery only, your settings seem to be reversed.

  AL47 17:18 20 Dec 2009

i had this,

for me the power management had got confused and swapped round like fruitbat said, if its this its an easy fix

  Solvaworld1 19:01 20 Dec 2009


Do thanks all do you know what option in power management I need to change?

Thanks again

  Solvaworld1 20:56 20 Dec 2009

Hi Look in Power options in the control panel and the options relate to standby settings, the only options relating to battery his how long the monitor stays on for.

  woodchip 21:42 20 Dec 2009

Check Power Settings in Control Panel under Power Schemes for running on mains power

  ashleycardwell94 00:12 21 Dec 2009

all of the laptops that i know about have a feature that allows you to dim the screen, Some laptops have a light sensor built in. On the keyboard there should be a button labelled FN, this means function, look for another button on the keyboard, on mine it is F9 to brighten up the screen and F8 to dim it, this might also be similar buttons to your volume controls

  woodchip 09:44 21 Dec 2009

yes but fn works same settings for battery and mains

  ashleycardwell94 02:04 22 Dec 2009

not on my laptop, i can plug it in set the brightness using the keyboard, then unplug it and set the brightness, when i plug it in it goes brighter

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