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  SABRE 01:52 03 Jul 2004

I want to access the internet ang get e-mails while travelling around Europe and someone has suggested that I use my mobile phone in association with my laptop to do this. Can someone explain how and what I need please?

  g0slp 07:15 03 Jul 2004

What laptop, phone, phone company?

There are several ways to connect, basically cable, infrared, bluetooth or dedicated card.

The following thread

click here

gives an idea of charges on Vodafone as found by myself; don't know about other companies.


  Cessna 08:51 03 Jul 2004

i did this using my mobile phone through Orange and it worked. so long as your phone has infra red and your laptop has infra red then they can communicate. my phone came with a CD disc that had on the relevant software to use with the phone, and this set up the laptop to access the Orange site. then its purely a case of placing the mobile phone next to the laptop and then clicking on the connect button in the software. the laptop then accesses the phone and dials itself in. i dont need to touch the phone, the laptop does it all.

one word of warning though... this is very VERY expensive, as i found out when i got my next orange bill in. you will be far cheaper just going to internet cafes!!!!!!!!

  jonnytub 09:19 03 Jul 2004

what about the new gprs pmcia card from vodafone?, seven times faster than dial up, bit expensive though, £15.00 pm contract 5mb allowed download, £2.75 for every mb thereafter

  SABRE 14:26 03 Jul 2004

What about if a get a Pay as you go ISP installation disk of each country that I visit? Wont that mean that I will just dial up to each individual ISP wherever I am and pay for being online at the local call rate?

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