laptop to mobile ?

  marcsozzie 10:27 13 Jan 2005

Is it possible to wirelessly access the internet anywhere as long as have a mobile phone...i have seen this done on tv last nite and i was wondering if this is a possibility and if so how and what do you need to do this. I have a pc laptop with wireless capability and an powerbook as well as a Home based pc.

  djwheeler 12:35 13 Jan 2005

I presume you mean wirelessly with your laptop and mobile phone? If so you could use Infrared between the laptop and the mobile (bit of a pain and could be slow though) or you could use Bluetooth between the laptop and the mobile phone (which I don't thinbk is that fast either). Also I think some phone will come with a connection kit which isn't exactly wireless but isn't far off.

  Completealias 13:04 13 Jan 2005

You can connect up your mobile 2 laptop and access the internet. Think you'll need a mobile that is WAP enable thou. New mobiles will connect via bluetooth / infrared but you'll prob getter a faster transfer rate with a data cable as djwheeler said. You'll also need to have a account with an ISP that you'll dial up to.

You'll probably find that you'll pay for the privilage thou as I should imagine that your mobile company won't wanna eat into there profits thou and you'll have to pay ISP charges as well.

  Kate B 16:06 13 Jan 2005

I've hooked up to the internet using the mobile as a modem and it's painfully slow - and painfully expensive if you're roaming! It's do-able in extremis but I wouldn't rely on it as your first choice of connection to the outside world.

  TomJerry 16:37 13 Jan 2005

if you do want to spend much, use the same method as "Kate B"

if you are loaded, get 3G/GPRS service which is almost as fast as BB, all mobile operators have this, for example vodaphone, £88.13+VAT will give you 1GB traffic per month click here

you can use your laptop's wireless capability in the following two situations

(1) you are near a WIFI Hotspot, e.g. many Starbuck, some railway station, some part of Heathrow, some virgin train, but the cost is high

(2) you are is the beach featured in Intel's Centtrino Ad. But I doubt Intel will tell you where is this beach.

  TomJerry 16:39 13 Jan 2005

Dial up is 56bps, so you know how slow is Kate's method

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