Laptop Message saying not charging

  ponytail 08:42 08 Dec 2013

When I click on the icon in the task bar near the clock to check available charge left in battery it say's 96% available (Plugged in not charging) Why would it not be charging when it is plugged in.The light on the panel on the Laptop is on

  chub_tor 10:49 08 Dec 2013

Click here for one solution or Click Here and scroll down for FruitBat /o\/o\ solution from 2011

  ponytail 13:41 08 Dec 2013

Hi chub_tor I have just been out for about a hour so before I left I removed the power lead from the laptop and also unplugged it from the mains.Have just plugged it back in and it now says 76% available (Plugged in Charging) Not sure what the problem was but will wait and see if it happens again.

  rdave13 15:49 08 Dec 2013

I seem to remember an article a while back saying that it was better not charging the battery to 100% and then cut off the charging. Something to do with the life of the battery. Has it ever charged to 100% as it might be the battery software governing how much charge it should take?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 08 Dec 2013

Modern laptops now have a different battery charge control system and will only recharge to a certain level (typically 98%) and the battery must from to a certain level before charging will recommence.

All to do with maintaining battery life.

However put in a third party battery and it can cause problems, like not being recognised which means, the battery charging software needs to be removed to get the battery to charge.

Its also possible the battery is no good and will give that sort of message. I have one that says 70% not chargng but if I pull the mains lead the laptop dies so the battery is obviously flat but will not charge.

In you case, sounds as if all is well.

  bumpkin 20:12 08 Dec 2013

I don't know how old your battery is but suggest that you let it run down to completely flat and then recharge to max. You may need to do this a few times.

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