Laptop Memory Expansion

  Slithe 15:22 20 Nov 2005

I've got a Toshiba Equim A60 laptop computer with 512MB RAM installed (2x256MB)

As I am now at university I wanted to expand the RAM on the machine - however, I am unsure how to do it.

Do I need to do anything else other than just unplug the power cord and shut down the machine?

Can I have a 512mb module with a 256mb one?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:25 20 Nov 2005

Unplug it from the mains AND take out the battery.

Have a look at PCWorld site and you can get 512mb PNY pc3200 RAM for less than £45 on their collect at store option. I've done it for a friend and it is good.

  fitcher 16:10 20 Nov 2005

I have posed this question before ,ie having different size memory mixes in a note book ,like a 512 and a 256 .the answer I get is to use two of the same size .(dell forum)I also have question on the amd forum with no deffinate answer ,,like you I wanted to remove one 256. and buy a 512 ,then upgrade later ..,,I cant see why one cant try it though ,,let us know how it runs .cheers

  Slithe 16:50 20 Nov 2005

Thanks to everyone who has answered questions above - I've had a look at the processes running on the laptop and it's there that most of the RAM is being used. So, I'm going to give it a good sort out later - the main problem is all the anti-virus software I'm using. Unfortunately, Norton does suck up resources, but the work I've got on the laptop is too important to loose.

I know you can use 512 and 256mb modules in desktops - however, fitcher - I am going to play it safe with the laptop - I mainly use it for word processing and Internet, and although I have backups of everything on a second hard-drive, the portability of the laptop is a major asset and as a poor student, if gets messed up, I am screwed. The warranty doesn't cover it - I've checked.

Once again thanks guys.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:53 20 Nov 2005

Yes, you can mix and match sizes as long as the RAM spec is the same -that is provided both modules are PC3200.

  ade.h 19:05 20 Nov 2005

Even Crucial memory is cheaper than that PNY stuff.

click here

Check your exact needs while you're there, to be absolutely sure that whatever you get will work.

  Slithe 21:13 20 Nov 2005

OK - However, is it is simple as people make out to be?

Can I ask a simple question? Why do I have to take out the battery pack? Secondly, how do I do it - I am a newbie when it comes to laptops!

Sorry, I know this post is supposed to be resolved, however, I should've asked these questions earlier...

Many thanks,

  ade.h 22:07 20 Nov 2005

The battery will just unclip via one or two push-buttons.

Do you normally store your notebook with the battery in place then?

The reason why you must remove the battery is the reason why you need to remove or switch off any power supply to any kind of PC when changing internal components.

  Slithe 22:11 20 Nov 2005


Yeah, usually with the battery inside - mainly because I use it without a DC power supply...

  Slithe 22:35 20 Nov 2005

Last thing - will I need to re-activate XP after taking out the battery and fitting any extra RAM?

See, I told you I wasn't au fait with laptops!

  ade.h 23:02 20 Nov 2005

No, nothing like that. Windows only asks for re-activation if there's been a substantial hardware change - three or four items or something like that.

If you store your notebook for a while, it's reckoned to be beneficial to the battery's charge if it has about 40-50% and is disconnected. Apparently, that's the best way to maintain charge and extend the battery's lifespan.

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