Laptop Memory

  dms05 08:10 02 Feb 2006

A friend lives in the sticks. His local computer store is a 'Woolworth' in the Lake District. He's bought a 256Mb Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L7300 from them and reports it to be very slow.

I suspect he needs more memory to run v2.

However where is the memory expansion, he claims no flaps underneath so the likely place is under the keyboard.

Can anyone confirm its location and how difficult it is to get at?

Also is the 256Mb in 1*256Mb so adding a 2nd would be easy (or is it 2*128Mb and so would need 2*256Mb or even 1*512Mb?).

The manual just says 'go to an authorised dealer' which seems to be Woolies! Induces a zero confidence effect.

Any help appreciated.

  vinnyT 09:41 02 Feb 2006

Suggest you dload the easyguide from the Fujitsu Siemens site;

the L7300 download site;

click here

Hope this helps.

  dms05 09:52 02 Feb 2006

Already done that! It says 'only to be upgraded my qualified technicians' That's it. No other info, unlike my Toshiba manual which gives diagrams and many helpful tips. Their again the FS manual is 79 pages, the Toshiba 325 pages.

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