laptop limited or no connectivity

  morgueman 18:33 15 Aug 2007

Hello all, me again! I have a wireless laptop, that up til 2 days ago, connected alright to the internet via wireless connection, my pc being wired and working ok.
When using the repair on the network connection, it says it cant renew the ip address. The laptop uses Windows XP. I've looked at other posts on here about this problem but most of it i just didnt understand, i'm not that computer literate and things just went into to much detail!
Is there a quick and easy way to fix this please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 15 Aug 2007

Is there a quick and easy way to fix this please?

Probably not.

you need to check the wireless security setting first.

what type of router?
what operating system XP?

  morgueman 19:21 15 Aug 2007

sorry, its a netgear DG834G v2 and the operating system on the pc and laptop is Windows XP, how do you check the wireless security, is that on the laptop or the pc?

  morgueman 21:34 15 Aug 2007

i disabled my firewall on panda security and am now using the windows firewall, now i can connect to the internet this way!
Is it alright to use it this way?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:56 15 Aug 2007

Panda is blocking the connection to the router.

click here or click here should connect you to your router main page where you can set the routers own sercurity and firewall settings

click here

  morgueman 22:09 15 Aug 2007

hello fruit bat, sorry, being abit thick here, can i do what you suggested via the lap top or does it have to be done to the pc with the router connected to it?

  bretsky 22:47 15 Aug 2007

I lifted this article from PCA magazine help section a few issues back.

I have a home wireless network. Both PCs access the net via a Netgear RangeMax wireless router. The signal strength is excellent but the network frequently crashes with the message “Limited or no connectivity. This problem occurred because the network did not assign a network address to the computer”. When this happens I can restore
connectivity by reconfiguring the wireless connection. I have checked for possible interference without success.

The error you're receiving indicates a problem with the DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) configuration or your network. A device called the DHCP server is responsible far configuring the other PCs in the network, by handing out network IP addresses and other settings. In your network, the router should be the DHCP server and everything else on the network should obtain its settings from that. I don’t know your Netgear router, so I can’t give specific configuration advice but the DHCP options should
be accessible via its web interface. Ensure that the DHCP server option is enabled. You’ll see a setting called LEASE TIME. This is the period of time for which the addresses issued by the server are valid, after which they must be renewed. In a network such as yours, where only the same two PCs are normally present, you can make this as long as you like.
On the workstations, go into the TCP/IP properties for your wireless network cards and
ensure they are set to obtain an IP address automatically. Although this is the normal way
to set up a home wireless network,there's no reason why you couldn’t disable the router’s
DHCP server and manually assign the IP addresses. If you try this assign the same
addresses that are normally assigned by the server, to ensure that they are in the address
range the router expects, But manually assigning the addresses shouldn’t be necessary. If DHCP doesn’t work when it’s correctly configured, it would suggest that something else is Interfering with the operation of your network.

bretsky ;0)

  morgueman 23:14 15 Aug 2007

thanks for that bretsky, but it still wont work, i still have to use the windows firewall instead!

  birdface 08:59 16 Aug 2007

Try deleting Panda Firewall and then run C Cleaner,Then reinstall Panda. See if that works.

  morgueman 23:22 20 Aug 2007

Thanks all and you buteman, your suggestion worked

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