Laptop led start for 10 seconds, but not boot

  Jazrinka 07:49 17 Nov 2018

Yesterday I try to diassembly my laptop amd change the hdd to ssd. After, the laptop don’t boot. If i press to the power button, the power led are open, but the fan and other components are not working. After 10 seconds from the start, the laptop go offline. I changed the ssd to the old hdd, and the problem persist. asus rog gl553ve

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:30 17 Nov 2018

I suggest you take it apart again and reassemble very carefully as you may have missed a connection

see click here

  Jazrinka 15:13 17 Nov 2018

Hello, i’ve seed your link. I have a problem. The white band from the 13th image(right, middle, which make connection to the red pipe) was broken(bEtween red pipe and black part). Sorry but idk the components. If you dont understand i see you a photo. That’s the problem?????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:02 17 Nov 2018
  1. Untick my post above if the prblem is nor solved.

  2. the white patch looks like insulation? is this the bit you mean?

click here

  Jazrinka 18:47 17 Nov 2018

No, not this. Up then your photo(not the black cover)

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