laptop to laptop through wireless router

  Sloblock 09:02 22 Aug 2007


I am trying to connect my two laptops so I can share files. I tried to set up a wireless adhoc connection - this went OK, but they can't see each other, even though both laptops say that they are connected to the peer to peer network.

The problem with adhoc is that I have to disable each laptops connection to the router i.e. internet, so that they will connect to each other.

IS IT POSSIBLE to have both laptops connected to my wireless network (each able to use the internet) and to see each other and share files via the router, rather than doing an adhoc???

Thanks in advance


  stever24 13:42 22 Aug 2007

You should be able to do this if you set up a home network. Than mark the files you want access as "shared". You can use the Windows Wizard to sort out the network. Ihave my PC's and Laptops all sharing files.

  stever24 14:16 22 Aug 2007

Found a better answer 4 U on another forum.

Both computers should be in the same "Workgroup" which, ideally, should be given a name of your own, rather than using the Windows default names of MSHOME or WORKGROUP.


In XP, make sure you have "shared" at least one folder by right clicking it and selecting the Sharing & Security option. Also ensure that any firewall software you are running is configured to allow access to the Vista computer, which may involve adding its IP address in a "trusted" section. If you are using XP "Professional", check that you are using Simple File Sharing. Open "My Computer" and, from the menus, select "Tools > Folder Options", then click the View tab. Scroll down to the very last option which relates to Simple File Sharing and ensure the box is ticked. (This option is only available in XP Pro.)


In Vista, go into the "Network & Sharing Center" and ensure you have switched "On":

- Network Discovery

- File Sharing

- Public Folder Sharing


Initially, I would leave "Password Protected Sharing" off.


To share a folder, right click it, select Properties (not Share) and then select the Sharing tab. Click the Advanced Sharing button. Tick the box "Share this folder", allocate a Share Name and then click the Permissions button. Here you set whether particular Users over the network have permission to Read, Change or have Full Control over the shared folder.


Having done all of this, the Vista Laptop and its shared folders should be visible in XP's "My Network Places" and XP's shared folders should be in the Vista's "Network". If not, try entering the path directly into the address bar in the format:






Also have a read through this Microsoft Article - "File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista"

  mgmcc 08:09 24 Aug 2007

<<<Found a better answer 4 U on another forum.>>>

You've missed out the Microsoft link from *MY POSTING* in the other forum.

"File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista" - click here

  Strawballs 10:26 24 Aug 2007

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