Laptop to Laptop file Transfer and Viruses (Gulp!)

  [DELETED] 20:30 26 Aug 2003

I have a friend (my boss actually!!) who owns a laptop which is infected with the WM Blaster Virus. He has aksed if i could help him be rid of it by borrowing some anit virus software.
I have a laptop which is (touch wood)virus free. I was thinking of transferring my anti virus software for him on to his via file transfer USB cable. Can this be done? Also if i download a patch to be rid of the Blaster virus can i also transfer this to his laptop?

  Belatucadrus 20:38 26 Aug 2003

Could you download AV, burn to CDrom and load on his machine from that ?
click here for avast4

Remembering that if it's a company machine, he really should pay for AV software, it's only free for non profit home users.

  [DELETED] 20:39 26 Aug 2003

You can download the fix and the patch, put them both on two floppies and bang them on the laptop

  [DELETED] 20:47 26 Aug 2003

In other words click here and download fixhaptime.exe to desktop the drop in on a floppy, then click here and download the M$ update to floppy aswell.

  [DELETED] 00:18 27 Aug 2003

Thanks to you all for the good advice. I have downloaded the patch and tool to fix the blaster Virus onto CD which should fix the problem for my friend!!!. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!!! ;)

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