Laptop keyboard unresponsive, spamming instead

  Jupescj 04:29 30 May 2017

Trying to log into a refurbished laptop to install a fresh version of Windows 8 but the keyboard is unresponsive and is instead simulating the number 4 being held down making it impossible to log in. All I need to do is get into the bootmenu so either a solution that will disable the laptop keyboard from the log in screen so I can use a USB one or a way to enter the bootmenu without having to log in (no bios menu indication i.e "Pres f12/del to access bios" comes up when powering up) Thank you for taking the time to read and any help will be appreciated!

  Kristeen Carter 13:17 30 May 2017

Have you tried to update your system driver?

  lotvic 17:05 30 May 2017

Kristeen Carter, duh, read the problem - Number 4 on keyboard is stuck down.

  wee eddie 20:02 30 May 2017

Just a possibility:

Remove the 4 key and clean around it. If you have a Canister of Air, give it a blast, but be careful to keep the can upright.

  Kristeen Carter 07:02 31 May 2017

@lovtic thanks for pointing out that missing element.

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