Laptop Keyboard might be DEMONICALLY POSSESSED!

  AngeTheHippy 19:38 18 Mar 2008

Evening Chaps,
My Laptop PC is 5+ years old, and I've only really been using it in earnest since I went wireless recently. Over the past few weeks it's been doing very odd things - whether I'm typing on the browser, like now, when using Word, or even notebook. I'll be typing away, and the cursor seems to jump to another part of what I'm typing - maybe half way through the previous line of typing, sometimes back to the very beginning of the whole thing. I've up to date AVG and also anti-spyware.
Has anyone experienced anything like this before? It's EXTREMELY annoying to say the least!
Any one help please?

Ta muchley,


  irishrapter 19:42 18 Mar 2008

Could be the touch pad ?
Either you are touching the pad with the palm of your hand or it could be just faulty.

  laurie53 19:44 18 Mar 2008

Last time I had that on a laptop the battery was on the way out, even did it on mains power.

After five years, without much use it might be a possibility.

  AngeTheHippy 19:49 18 Mar 2008

irishrapter, thanks. Yes, I DID think it possible that I was inadvertantly touching the pad, but am trying verrrry hard NOT to, so I think it isn't that.

laurie53, thank you too. Although the battery is still in the lappy, I never use it entirely on the battery - from the word go, I found it completely inefficient, it never really kept the charge for long, so I only use it with mains power. There doesn't appear to be any other problems with the laptop.


  skidzy 19:51 18 Mar 2008

Try updating the driver;

Widows key + Pausebreak / Hardware / Device Manager.

Scroll through to Mice and other pointing devices,expand the + key and right click the Synaptics and update the driver,if using a mouse it should be listed also...try updating this driver.

  AngeTheHippy 20:04 18 Mar 2008

Hi skidsy, thanks. I'm in Device Mgr, and when expanding 'mice & other pointing devices' there is only one other thing visible - microsoft PS/2 mouse. I don't understand this, I don't USE a mouse with this - only the touchpad. Does this mean there isn't a driver installed for the touchpad?? When I click to update driver via internet, I next get a window asking to put in the CD that came with the lappy. Is this right??


  AngeTheHippy 20:05 18 Mar 2008

ps. It's searched but says 'wizard couldn't find a better match for hardware than the s/w you already have installed'.

  laurie53 09:42 19 Mar 2008

"even did it on mains power."

  keef66 09:53 19 Mar 2008

had a look on my Lenovo and it has a mouse and a touchpad in device manager.

Our last work laptops were Dell Latitudes, and many of them had haunted keyboards from day one. Never really resolved; some people still having problems after 3 years.

Some of the things suggested by I.T. included disabling tapping for the touchpad, disabling the touchpad completely, updating the device drivers, replacing the external keyboard and mouse.

  AngeTheHippy 10:06 19 Mar 2008

Morning Chaps,
Thank you. I DON'T actually use the 'tap ' on the touchpad - I only use it for positioning the cursor. I 'action' by clicking the left button next to the touchpad. Interesting 'aint it... Thing is, I didn't notice this over the years when i HAVE used it, only now I'm using it in earnest (who's he???) now I've got wireless connection.


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