Laptop Keyboard

  AJ28 16:55 28 Mar 2006

a month or two ago i was stupid enough to spill some drink onto the keyboard on the laptop...
after this had happened there were a few keys that werent working, after some drying and things i was hoping it would work and didnt...
Most of the keys started to work except one..the 'a' key, now since then ive had to copy an a off somewhere then paste it evertime i need one...bloody annoying!

what i want to know is, how i get about replacing a laptop keyboard?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 28 Mar 2006

click here

Some types of laptop keyboard repair notes click here

  AJ28 00:31 29 Mar 2006

thanks for the help ill give it a read over

the laptop is an acer..."travelmate 240" it says on here

although i dont really want to do this if all else fails is it easy enough to take into a computer shop and say give me a new laptop keyboard and fit it please?

  Taff™ 07:04 29 Mar 2006

click here Replacing a keyboard is quite easy providing you can gain access to it. Usually there are only one or two ribbon cables and the keyboard is held in position by the surround. I suggest that because it`s only one key that it could probably be repaired. Find a local laptop repair shop.

  Totally-braindead 12:38 29 Mar 2006

If its not working after spilling something on it and the rest of the computers ok and its only one key them if you can get into it a good clean with some cleaning solution that may fix it.

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