Laptop keeps freezing during video files..

  cthooli 12:59 30 Jan 2010

Hi there,

I've got a DELL XPS M1530, coming up 2 years old in April. I can browse web or run games etc for hours on end with no problem.

However whenever I try to watch a video file through either VLC player, Windows Media Player or Quicktime, after around 20-30mins the video stops and freezes. After about 30 seconds there's a loud click (which usually I can hear about 10 seconds after the unit has shut down). However the laptop still runs, I can minimise the video (from full screen) and bring up the start menu etc but if you click another application or ask it to shut down nothing... I have to press and hold the power button to get it to shut down in the end!

I thought it may be an overheating issue but the laptop is fine to the touch, even cold! I've felt it alot hotter when i've had it on my lap and have obscured the vents a bit! I've downloaded Coretemp just to have a look at what temp the cpus are running at and it's holding steady around 75 degrees.

I've got the latest BIOS downloaded, and tried to run SpeedFan so could get the fans running all the time through the media file to see if that helps but it can't detect anyfans! Believe me they are there I can hear them!

Any ideas/suggestions/even understanding what I'm talking about?!


  rickf 13:06 30 Jan 2010


  cthooli 13:11 30 Jan 2010

But the laptop gets alot hotter when playing games etc? I can sit with it on my lap and it heats up as my clothes block the vents, but during the videos its sitting on a chair with a slatted base so airflows no problem and its cool to the touch!

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