Laptop Keeps "forgetting connection"!

  diver9 19:28 11 Feb 2010

I am suffering from an irritating problem. For a friend I set up a netgear DG8347G and the PC is wired in and the laptop is set up to connect wirelessly.

I connect using the laptop and restart 3 or 4 times and it connects with no problems.

Unfortunately, when I have returned home they have called me the next day to say the laptop is not connecting! I thought it might be a driver issue, so I brought the laptop back home and renewed drivers and then allowed it to connect to my network with no problem and over 2 or 3 days it always connected.

I returned to their house and switched the laptop on and did the WEP key and all was well. I then did 2 or 3 restarts with no problems.......well 5 hours later they have just called me to is not connecting - it keeps coming up with "Problem connecting to netgear - press here to troubleshoot".

Has anyone got any ideas? Have I missed a setting somewhere?

Many thanks


  mooly 19:49 11 Feb 2010

Strange to say for the first time in 3 years my laptop (Vista) didn't connect the other evening to my BT Hub... tried "diagnose and repair" which failed, so I looked in "connect to" to view networks and a new one at full strength had appeared from somewhere.
I altered the Hub in the advanced settings to go from "auto channel" mode to a fixed channel (12) and it's been fine since.

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