Laptop keeps crashing

  Saltyseadog 03:27 24 Aug 2006

I have a feeling the main problem is with the hardrive, any feedback would be welcomed. I am away from home at the moment and am unable to take the laptop to have it looked at. I have a problem getting the laptop to boot up and when it is up and running it will crash of it's own accord or if knocked or picked up. Once it has crashed trying to restart it is a real pain, first of all you have to get the hard drive to shut down. You can hear when it eventually shuts down and can then try and reboot which on most occassions takes many attempts. The operating system is fine when it's up and running and there are no system related error messages. It definitely seems a hardware related problem and I am wondering if it will require a new hard drive, any help would be appreciated.

  STREETWORK 06:38 24 Aug 2006

Sounds like a loose connection.

Try this.

1. If you can, remove the hard drive, clean the connections with a soft cloth and refit.

2. If the hard drive is making strange noises, it could be faulty.

3. Check that the memory cards are properly seated.

4. Common with laptops, clean the keyboard as sometimes something can get stuck under the keys causing an error on bootup.

  FelixTCat 09:23 24 Aug 2006


Streetwork is almost certainly correct. I had a similar problem, caused by the connection of the cable to the hard drive becoming loose.

Open the hard drive cover and push the cable gently but firmly onto the drive and try to boot again.



  Saltyseadog 00:57 26 Aug 2006

Thanks for your comments Streetwork and FelixTCat, I've checked out the connections and cleaned them as well however the problem is still there. However I removed the hard drive and booted up the computer which obviously came up with the error message informing me there was no hard drive present. One thing I've been able to establish is that I was able to move the laptop around and the screen did not shut down, I can only assume it is the hard drive that is causing all the problems so I am going to source a replacement hard drive. Many thanks again.

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