Laptop isnt using my GTX 660m

  Jordan Algar 13:13 01 Jun 2017

I believe my laptop is using the integrated graphics over my dedicated card. Although my settings are correct in nvidia settings. Also the 660m is severely underclocked and i cant OC it much.

  Archonar 16:18 01 Jun 2017

What makes you suspect that it is using the wrong card? Are the drivers all up to date?

  Kristeen Carter 16:36 01 Jun 2017

As you are unable to unlock the 660m, the only possible solution is to install the driver in safe mode and see if it works. Also, if the above solution doesn't work, try reinstalling windows and then install the drivers, first the dedicated card and then the integrated graphics card.

  Matt. 17:19 01 Jun 2017

Does your laptop utilize Optimus? Click here

  q33ny 20:56 03 Jun 2017

See if you have some settings in BIOS. Try this.

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