laptop internet via mobile phone

  moorie 19:59 24 Sep 2006

hi ive hooked up my laptop via nokia 6131 using a blue soleil blutooth dongle.the question i have is the blue soleil interface says dial up and dials using the mobile phone modem and uses the service providers address (who i have a 2gb ten pounds per month access via my mobile),will i be using the unlimited tariff or paying on a dial up useage basis.sorry its not too im not going to be using vast amounts

  STREETWORK 20:23 24 Sep 2006

This should be asked of your ISP and phone provider.

If you are connecting via bluetooth then you are using your ISP account to access the web..

  moorie 20:41 24 Sep 2006

thanks for reply ,the mobile phone is the internet provider in this case as its the same modem if i was viewing through my phone as i am away from home the only difference is viewing the connection on my laptop i think?for ease of surfing

  STREETWORK 20:45 24 Sep 2006

Set up a new connection in Control Panel, Network Connections...use the wizard to set it up...

  silverous 20:53 24 Sep 2006

I'm not sure what you mean by the "unlimited tarifff" - you then go on to say you have 2GB so it isn't unlimited.

Check the connection that is being dialled, I've never heard of a dongle setting up dial-up for you. If I recall corectly it should be dialling something like 9#0 or something weird like that, not a real number, if that is the case then it is using your phone's GPRS/3G connection so you will be charged for data usage not from inclusive minutes. If it is dialling a number like say 01234 56789 then you are dialling up an internet provider using your laptop - i.e. as if your phone was just a modem dialling a normal ISP. Then it would come from your minutes / you would pay a normal call charge whichever applied.

Make sense?

  moorie 22:01 24 Sep 2006

thanks for reply silverous ,it is dialing the wierd number so is gprs/3g,also sorry about the confusion with unlimited and 2gb, they market it as unlimited web access but small print is 2gb which i will never get near anyway.also can you clarify the gprs/3g will be data useage not from inclusive minutes.the reason i ask is the £10 per month i pay for the 2gb internet access is on top of the inclusive minutes i get,which i guess is data transfer via gprs or 3g dependent on will this gprs connections data useage come out of the 2gb allowance even though im viewing on laptop and not my mobile phone? or will it incur additional data transfer cost.finally how will the operator know wether the phone or laptop is using the modem to validate additional cost?

  silverous 09:52 25 Sep 2006

In short, the provider won't know how you are connecting (as far as I'm aware). It will be a GPRS connection as far as the provider is concerned.

As it is GPRS (based on the info you've given) I'd expect it to come from your data usage you've bought (the 2GB).

The only circumstance under which your minutes should be used is if you weren't using GPRS but instead using the phone as a modem for normal 'dial up' just as if you had a modem attached to your laptop.

That is the key difference. I don't believe you will be using the modem AT ALL for are just using the internet capability of the phone. You only use a modem when you "dial-up" a phone number to get to an ISP.

  moorie 15:39 25 Sep 2006

thanks silverous for taking the time

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